Friday, December 2, 2011

Prostitues, AIDS and society

Many of us have blamed the prostitutes for spreading AIDS. Lately I saw a poster which said "She can be HOT and clueless but you don't have to be. Stop AIDS". I do not know what comes to your mind when you read this but there is just one thing which comes to my mind. Not a thing but a woman - Dolores French. She is a prostitute and she fought very hard for rights of other women like her.

The first thing which should come to one's mind is from where did these girls, ladies contracted the disease and second why are they doing what they are doing.

I won't say I have exact answer to this question but at least I have made efforts to find one.

First thing is the human trafficking, which is very high in our country. Girls are sold at the age of 4,5...13.14 and so on. The rate for virgin is high and yes there are people who sell their daughters, nieces and even wives. Unfortunately such men are amongst us and we do not even know them. So you can see this is where it starts.

Then there is a class of women who do it because they like it. I have read about women who stated that every women has right to charge for the pleasure she is giving to the men. But this ratio is very very low.

Now where does AIDS come from?

It is not always that a women is infected. There are men who want to have sex but are infected and cannot do it with the people who know them. Such men often turn to the working women and trick her into the whole thing. These women spread it unknowingly. By the time they realise they are infected its too late.

We as a society are not ready to accept such people forgetting that they too are human and they too have rights. I personally thought such things do not exist any more and that we live in a modern world but as I see the world around me, each day I realise there are many things which still need to change.

Understand and spread this message because we are responsible for our society!