Friday, December 2, 2011

Prostitues, AIDS and society

Many of us have blamed the prostitutes for spreading AIDS. Lately I saw a poster which said "She can be HOT and clueless but you don't have to be. Stop AIDS". I do not know what comes to your mind when you read this but there is just one thing which comes to my mind. Not a thing but a woman - Dolores French. She is a prostitute and she fought very hard for rights of other women like her.

The first thing which should come to one's mind is from where did these girls, ladies contracted the disease and second why are they doing what they are doing.

I won't say I have exact answer to this question but at least I have made efforts to find one.

First thing is the human trafficking, which is very high in our country. Girls are sold at the age of 4,5...13.14 and so on. The rate for virgin is high and yes there are people who sell their daughters, nieces and even wives. Unfortunately such men are amongst us and we do not even know them. So you can see this is where it starts.

Then there is a class of women who do it because they like it. I have read about women who stated that every women has right to charge for the pleasure she is giving to the men. But this ratio is very very low.

Now where does AIDS come from?

It is not always that a women is infected. There are men who want to have sex but are infected and cannot do it with the people who know them. Such men often turn to the working women and trick her into the whole thing. These women spread it unknowingly. By the time they realise they are infected its too late.

We as a society are not ready to accept such people forgetting that they too are human and they too have rights. I personally thought such things do not exist any more and that we live in a modern world but as I see the world around me, each day I realise there are many things which still need to change.

Understand and spread this message because we are responsible for our society!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Women have the power

incident dated 15 March 2011

Time 9:25 am

Today I was traveling to my office in a bus. A guy tried to touch me in a WRONG way! I kicked him to the ground. Hit him hard on the nose and have left marks of my nails on his face and back good enough to bleed. (Thanks to my long nails).. The guy would think twice before doing anything now on. He anyways did not disclose his name and profile but I don't care much I have played my role.

Anyways no one came to my help but I don't care I know how to tackle such incidents and people because I am brave enough and am a fighter.

Guys think they can get away with such things and they are actually proved right at many instances. But now is the time to prove them wrong.

This for all the girls - never feel weak, you have power within. Durga and Kali should be your role models when it comes  to such incidents. Depending on men or anyone else for this matter is not advisable. Act wise, after all its your life and you have to protect yourself.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Unquestioned traditions

Last evening as I was waiting for the bus I was articulating my next post which was supposed to be "Why shouldn't we ape the West". My thought process was clear and the post was on my mind just the way I wanted it to be. I was done for yesterday (1 post/day is enough I think) so I had decided to write it today. But something happened this morning and I have changed my subject. 

Before I start writing on my subject I want to say that I love wearing saree from time immemorial and I have been to many temples, some mosques, churchs, gurudwaras and deresars.

Yesterday I told my mother that I went to a Ganesha temple to have Prasad and she told me "I have heard that it is compulsory to wear saree or salwar suit in temples in south." This was quite surprising to me as I had not experienced this. This morning I came to know that for going inside some temples in kerela guys had to remove their shirts and girls have to be in saree or salwar suit. 

Now I do not want to be a rebel but I do not wear either of them on any given normal day and yes I am not going to visit any of such place on any given normal day as well. And of course I do not want to be a rebel but there is definitely something which I do not understand. Looking back I can see that :

1. No one is born in clothes.
2. Ancient humans did not have clothes.
3. Clothes came with evolution and the same goes with there designs.
4. In olden times women wore tube tops and sarong of today with a different names and this can be depicted from old sculptures.

I am sure many will be against my thoughts from here on. But if I get a perfectly right answer for my question I will agree against my own thoughts. 

If you believe in God then I suppose you believe that He is omnipresent and He is looking at you all the time- when you are dressed and when you are not. So what exactly are we trying to show by dress coding in temples ? IF you say that it is for maintaining respect then from whom? From fellow beings or God? If its about fellow beings then they are same as you are and if ir is God then we must know its him who created us (if you believe). 

In the end all want to say that I will go to a place at my will and I have written this because I felt like writing. If you agree I would like to know about it and if you disagree I would LOVE to hear from you.

Cheers to beautiful life.

Girls and nights

I have always wondered that who was the first one to come up with the following concepts:

  • Girls should not go out alone at night.
  • Girls should not go out at late night.
  • Girls should not be seen with any guy at night.

... perhaps the list will go on and on ...

If I use my common sense then the first thought coming to my mind is that something bad happened and thus this was declared for safety of women. But if that was the case , was the solution right? That really was not the best solution for sure. If there was a culprit or a group of them, they should have been punished to death. If it was about an affair then it should have been taken as a fair thing because God created attractions. IF it was about infidelity, again there should have been some huge punishment. But how fair was it to make a rule for women and punishing them for what they have not done??

I know majority of people believe that a girl going out late is not a good sign. May be there are few who do not mind this but here we are talking about majority. Our society is an expert in tagging people for their acts and it is always up to the receptor to accept that tag or not. Even if a girl might not accept the tag she is forced to confront it in some way or the other by someone close or someone remotely related. 

What happened in past (or may be what did not happen) cannot be changed. But there is something we can change today. We can change the way we look at things. We can stop tagging people and we can learn to live our life for ourselves instead of poking our nose into others life. 

It is your life and if you have to think what will your neighbour think if you do certain thing then you are slave of your mentality. Set your self free and spread the message to set others free too.

We made rules which were not required to control things which were not in our hands leading to situations about which we have no idea. We need to retrospect. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Community matrimony - My take

A couple of days back I saw an advertisement on tv. The ad was 'Parents see their daughter with a guy of another community and decide to find a guy of their own community and marry her with him'. How fair is this? On one hand we are saying that we are developing and on other hand we see such things in the society. The most important factors in marriage are love, happiness and understanding. It does not matter that to which community both belong as long as there is commitment. 

If you believe in mythology then you should understand that there was "Swayamwar" through which a girl was given right to choose her future husband. If you believe in Adam and Eve then well , there is no where mentioned anything about their marriage. If you believe in evolution then there is no trace of 'custom of marriage' if you look at sufficiently ancient time. 

Evolution gave rise to the various things including a class of people who wanted to rule. These were the people who made classes and divisions. Divide and rule is the best ever destruction tool after all. 

We should always remember that there was a time when everything was equal. Everyone is unique but still everyone is born in the same way. Union of two sexes leads to formation an individual and this is how life prospers. This creation was very natural. IF you believe in God then remember God created this with a reason and also remember God did not make the divisions of caste, creed and community, He created his children. Male and female and sexuality is our discovery/assumptions and we use it for ourselves. God never said who can have inclination towards whom.

If you do not believe in God than you should understand the simple logic of life. 

Coming back to the main topic. Community matrimony should not be forced. If one wants to follow it, it would be his/her choice. There is no point in publicizing the concept. 

There is lot of explanation for each and every point mentioned in this post and I will be covering them in forth coming posts. For now all I want to say is "Community matrimony" sends wrong message in a secular nation. We need to be free from such feelings because they too are venomous like corruption and this concept can spread poison in society.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes life is unfair

Once upon a time in the land of Mahatma Gandhi lived a little girl who thought she was a princess. She had all the pleasures of the world. A beautiful house with a beautiful garden, electricity without paying any bill, doctors, carpenters, plumbers and electricians just a call away. A beautiful colony with club house where one could play almost all the sports and could celebrate all the festivals. She had never travelled in bus for going to the other cities. Birthdays were like a grand occasion with hundreds of guests. It was like living in Eden.

 But there came a cyclone and it changed it all. The cyclone blew away the factory where her father worked. Hundreds of people were left jobless. This situation is harder when you have been faithful to the company for so many years. The electricity was gone and life was left in the darkness. The darkness which lasted for almost a year. The income became zero and she realized she was no princess. There was no water supply and hence they had to pull the water through hand pump. The family slept on the terrace though there was no stair case, they used a ladder instead. When it rained they would just roll themselves in plastic instead of getting up. After all they had got used to it. The life became a bit better because everyone had learned to cope up with this. People who couldn't take it died. There was a long revolution after which they got electricity. But still finances were bad. They remained. This little girl had now grown into a young college student and she knew what could the family afford and what they could not. Of course she studied on loan. She got placed in a wonderful company and she thought life would now be easy. But the dream was short lived. But again she had learned a lot in life to cry at such little things. She knew very well, for some people life will always be a struggle.

 Now her family has beautiful house in other city but when she got the news that the house where she was brought up, she had played and seen some of the most beautiful moments of her life was sealed by Government , she was sad. When the government , the forces have no power to do any good things why do they do such things. There are tons of other important works to be done, the country is under terror and all they want to do is to make more people homeless?? Yes, homeless.. not the girl and her family but others who are living there and who have nothing else than that house because the company owed lot of money which they will never get. 

How can we say life is beautiful??
There are so many such cases happening around us which leave many people jobless, homeless and after sometime mindless. Many would say that one should come out of it but it is not as easy as it sounds. There are a million things which go on in minds and there are lot of external factors too. This too shall pass is right but its hard, only one who suffers knows.

All such incidents have lot of negative effect on mind , though we may try best still it disturbs a person and changes the way she thinks.

But yes, whatever it may be life is beautiful..


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Death , injury, blood in just 10 minutes

It takes 9 months for a mother to give birth to a child. Life is a gift , perhaps the most precious gift. But those who have a heart to take this life, don't they feel the same? How can people be so heartless? What makes them so heartless? 

TERROR is a word which sends chills to our spine. How can someone become s terrorist? We definitely have no answer to this because any explanation cannot be good enough to justify this. 

A person who hasn't been through any of such terrors might not understand the state of mind of the people who go through this. I am one of those. It sounds terrifying but I do not know what does it REALLY feel like when you are victimized. 

Mumbai has seen this in 1993, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008 and now July 13, 2011. Still we have no answer. Still no action has been taken. We are yet to punish people behind the old blasts and new have already come in. Isn't it because they know that nothing would happen to the as nothing happened to anyone? They might do anything and get out without a scratch, no one will do a thing against them. KASAB is a living example. If he were a dead example perhaps this wouldn't have happened.

Those heartless people were created to do this and even they do not know why. On Wednesday evening, three serial bomb blasts in the span of ten minutes ripped through three of the busiest hubs in the city—Zaveri Bazar, Opera House and Dadar—at rush hour, killing 21 people and injuring 141. Why only the innocent people are targeted?? They should better target the ministers, we anyways do not need such lame people. 

What can we do except criticizing the government? Because criticizing is not an answer , answer should be something concrete.. Lets be UNITED and search for the right answer...


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A suicide attempt

I have heard about many people who have tried to commit suicide and have known one who did this. People say that life is so beautiful , a gift from god and so we should not do anything stupid as suicide.

Even most famous people in the world have tried or have at least thought of doing so. Just now I read an article by Chetan Bhagat which stated that he had attempted a suicide. A couple of weeks back I had read about Kailash Kher, now a famous singer, that he had decided to end his life if music did not work for him. The list can go on.

Why does a person think of taking such extreme step can be understood only if you ever thought of doing something like that in your life.

 So let me tell you the reason : It is this feeling of being unwanted, dissatisfaction and loneliness. No one creates all this on his own in most of the cases. The most outgoing person can have this feeling and the decision of ending one's life can a matter of seconds. If given more time and support the person understands the importance of life and uselessness of ending it.

I would not preach that God gave you life and he wants you to be happy. I want you to find out the sadness behind the smiles you see and help, show support and make that smile real. 

I can say all this because I have been through all this and I thank my saviours for being there for me. 

All one needs to realize is life is beautiful.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A movie poster speaks

A movie poster was hanging happily .. it did not know what is printed on it but it could see people looking at it and smiling. Two people stood right below him. It heard them talking.

Man 1 : We will watch this movie next week, it has all the spice elements.. It would be fun..

Man 2 : for sure how can we miss all those cuss words.. all packed in a single movie??

The poster was happy it did not understand the kind of humour but it knew some people were happy to see it and they will come to watch the movie next week.

The poster was there for a week and it heard many conversations most of them in favour of watching the movie.

The day when movie released it saw tons of people coming in. It heard guy at ticket counter saying it is pre booked and houseful for a week.

People came out laughing and poster was even happier.

Suddenly it saw same people who has laughs and enjoyed the movie came and tore it off..

All it could here was the movie had many elements which are polluting the society..

Poster had only one thought : "People you knew what was in the movie, you came had the popcorn and enjoyed each and every word spoken in the movie, you came even when you had seen the promos and even the reviews.. it was your choice.. you chose to watch and now you are tearing me?? Why?? If you had a problem you could have chosen not to watch the movie and made it a flop.. You did not do that and now you are trying to kill me! Will it do any good??"

Answer is left to us..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The bridge committed suicide :(

Jab civil engineer ne ek bridge banaya..
Contractor tha uska contract laaya..
Tab adalat ne bridge par mukadma chalaya..
Bridge ghabraya..
Usne rote rote bataya..
Mene concrete aur cement nahi khaya..
Mene to bas ek chamch cement or reti se bhara bora khaya
Baki sab to in engineer n contractor in khaya..
Contractor aur engineer ko noto se bhara dabba dikhaya..
Noto to dekh judge ni us bridge k khilaaf fesla sunaya
Bridge bechara ye she nahi paaya..
Usne duniya se koi umeed karni hi chod di..
Aur jespe bana tha usi nadi me kood k atmhatya kar li..