Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy periods! Period.

I don't know how you feel about this topic but for me it is way too important to be ignored. Period.

Yes it is the time of the month again when I say, “Once a month I hate being a girl!” Trust me I’d a t-shirt with that caption.

Why do I think menses is a social issue:

·         Because most of the women in India still do not have access to sanitary napkins
Saying “menses” aloud is still a taboo
It is still surrounded by millions of blind beliefs

Inkchats guys have done an amazing job by bringing in affordable sanitary pads. I feel so sorry about the founder because his wife divorced him for this reason:

You must check out this video:

So why am I writing about this?

I’m in pain! Hell no, that is not the

When I was in class 6th my mother had explained me something about menses. She said, “It happens to girls, it happens once every month and when it happens you do not go to the temple and do not eat Prasad. Do not go in the store room and take out pickles by yourself. Etc etc.. ” All this time she referred it as “it” as if it was some forbidden word. Ah come on, menses aren’t Lord Voldemort!

Finally class 8 and they were here to haunt me at least once every month for all 4 days. It was a mixed feeling. My mind said “Why are you are girl?” My heart said “This means you can be a mother some day!” This heart-mind battle is still on.

I did follow everything that my mom told me for sometime but could never understood the logic, finally I googled it and decided not to follow such traditions, which were more or less baseless and  just to take rest.

Sometime back #Femalelogic was trending on twitter and someone (don’t want to reveal his name) tweeted

#Femalelogic>>They have no logic

And how right the guy was!

If we used logic you wouldn’t have born and the human race would have stopped right then and there with logic..because who wants to cut herself and bring out a football sized baby out of a hole smaller than a ping pong ball! Period.

There is a lot I would love to say but may be some other day J