Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes life is unfair

Once upon a time in the land of Mahatma Gandhi lived a little girl who thought she was a princess. She had all the pleasures of the world. A beautiful house with a beautiful garden, electricity without paying any bill, doctors, carpenters, plumbers and electricians just a call away. A beautiful colony with club house where one could play almost all the sports and could celebrate all the festivals. She had never travelled in bus for going to the other cities. Birthdays were like a grand occasion with hundreds of guests. It was like living in Eden.

 But there came a cyclone and it changed it all. The cyclone blew away the factory where her father worked. Hundreds of people were left jobless. This situation is harder when you have been faithful to the company for so many years. The electricity was gone and life was left in the darkness. The darkness which lasted for almost a year. The income became zero and she realized she was no princess. There was no water supply and hence they had to pull the water through hand pump. The family slept on the terrace though there was no stair case, they used a ladder instead. When it rained they would just roll themselves in plastic instead of getting up. After all they had got used to it. The life became a bit better because everyone had learned to cope up with this. People who couldn't take it died. There was a long revolution after which they got electricity. But still finances were bad. They remained. This little girl had now grown into a young college student and she knew what could the family afford and what they could not. Of course she studied on loan. She got placed in a wonderful company and she thought life would now be easy. But the dream was short lived. But again she had learned a lot in life to cry at such little things. She knew very well, for some people life will always be a struggle.

 Now her family has beautiful house in other city but when she got the news that the house where she was brought up, she had played and seen some of the most beautiful moments of her life was sealed by Government , she was sad. When the government , the forces have no power to do any good things why do they do such things. There are tons of other important works to be done, the country is under terror and all they want to do is to make more people homeless?? Yes, homeless.. not the girl and her family but others who are living there and who have nothing else than that house because the company owed lot of money which they will never get. 

How can we say life is beautiful??
There are so many such cases happening around us which leave many people jobless, homeless and after sometime mindless. Many would say that one should come out of it but it is not as easy as it sounds. There are a million things which go on in minds and there are lot of external factors too. This too shall pass is right but its hard, only one who suffers knows.

All such incidents have lot of negative effect on mind , though we may try best still it disturbs a person and changes the way she thinks.

But yes, whatever it may be life is beautiful..


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