Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Community matrimony - My take

A couple of days back I saw an advertisement on tv. The ad was 'Parents see their daughter with a guy of another community and decide to find a guy of their own community and marry her with him'. How fair is this? On one hand we are saying that we are developing and on other hand we see such things in the society. The most important factors in marriage are love, happiness and understanding. It does not matter that to which community both belong as long as there is commitment. 

If you believe in mythology then you should understand that there was "Swayamwar" through which a girl was given right to choose her future husband. If you believe in Adam and Eve then well , there is no where mentioned anything about their marriage. If you believe in evolution then there is no trace of 'custom of marriage' if you look at sufficiently ancient time. 

Evolution gave rise to the various things including a class of people who wanted to rule. These were the people who made classes and divisions. Divide and rule is the best ever destruction tool after all. 

We should always remember that there was a time when everything was equal. Everyone is unique but still everyone is born in the same way. Union of two sexes leads to formation an individual and this is how life prospers. This creation was very natural. IF you believe in God then remember God created this with a reason and also remember God did not make the divisions of caste, creed and community, He created his children. Male and female and sexuality is our discovery/assumptions and we use it for ourselves. God never said who can have inclination towards whom.

If you do not believe in God than you should understand the simple logic of life. 

Coming back to the main topic. Community matrimony should not be forced. If one wants to follow it, it would be his/her choice. There is no point in publicizing the concept. 

There is lot of explanation for each and every point mentioned in this post and I will be covering them in forth coming posts. For now all I want to say is "Community matrimony" sends wrong message in a secular nation. We need to be free from such feelings because they too are venomous like corruption and this concept can spread poison in society.

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