Monday, September 5, 2011

Girls and nights

I have always wondered that who was the first one to come up with the following concepts:

  • Girls should not go out alone at night.
  • Girls should not go out at late night.
  • Girls should not be seen with any guy at night.

... perhaps the list will go on and on ...

If I use my common sense then the first thought coming to my mind is that something bad happened and thus this was declared for safety of women. But if that was the case , was the solution right? That really was not the best solution for sure. If there was a culprit or a group of them, they should have been punished to death. If it was about an affair then it should have been taken as a fair thing because God created attractions. IF it was about infidelity, again there should have been some huge punishment. But how fair was it to make a rule for women and punishing them for what they have not done??

I know majority of people believe that a girl going out late is not a good sign. May be there are few who do not mind this but here we are talking about majority. Our society is an expert in tagging people for their acts and it is always up to the receptor to accept that tag or not. Even if a girl might not accept the tag she is forced to confront it in some way or the other by someone close or someone remotely related. 

What happened in past (or may be what did not happen) cannot be changed. But there is something we can change today. We can change the way we look at things. We can stop tagging people and we can learn to live our life for ourselves instead of poking our nose into others life. 

It is your life and if you have to think what will your neighbour think if you do certain thing then you are slave of your mentality. Set your self free and spread the message to set others free too.

We made rules which were not required to control things which were not in our hands leading to situations about which we have no idea. We need to retrospect. 

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  1. and the best part is we were born with this rules already imposed on us without asking ....time to change the way we think...awesomely written and true to the core .. cheers samie