Monday, September 5, 2011

Unquestioned traditions

Last evening as I was waiting for the bus I was articulating my next post which was supposed to be "Why shouldn't we ape the West". My thought process was clear and the post was on my mind just the way I wanted it to be. I was done for yesterday (1 post/day is enough I think) so I had decided to write it today. But something happened this morning and I have changed my subject. 

Before I start writing on my subject I want to say that I love wearing saree from time immemorial and I have been to many temples, some mosques, churchs, gurudwaras and deresars.

Yesterday I told my mother that I went to a Ganesha temple to have Prasad and she told me "I have heard that it is compulsory to wear saree or salwar suit in temples in south." This was quite surprising to me as I had not experienced this. This morning I came to know that for going inside some temples in kerela guys had to remove their shirts and girls have to be in saree or salwar suit. 

Now I do not want to be a rebel but I do not wear either of them on any given normal day and yes I am not going to visit any of such place on any given normal day as well. And of course I do not want to be a rebel but there is definitely something which I do not understand. Looking back I can see that :

1. No one is born in clothes.
2. Ancient humans did not have clothes.
3. Clothes came with evolution and the same goes with there designs.
4. In olden times women wore tube tops and sarong of today with a different names and this can be depicted from old sculptures.

I am sure many will be against my thoughts from here on. But if I get a perfectly right answer for my question I will agree against my own thoughts. 

If you believe in God then I suppose you believe that He is omnipresent and He is looking at you all the time- when you are dressed and when you are not. So what exactly are we trying to show by dress coding in temples ? IF you say that it is for maintaining respect then from whom? From fellow beings or God? If its about fellow beings then they are same as you are and if ir is God then we must know its him who created us (if you believe). 

In the end all want to say that I will go to a place at my will and I have written this because I felt like writing. If you agree I would like to know about it and if you disagree I would LOVE to hear from you.

Cheers to beautiful life.

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