Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Women have the power

incident dated 15 March 2011

Time 9:25 am

Today I was traveling to my office in a bus. A guy tried to touch me in a WRONG way! I kicked him to the ground. Hit him hard on the nose and have left marks of my nails on his face and back good enough to bleed. (Thanks to my long nails).. The guy would think twice before doing anything now on. He anyways did not disclose his name and profile but I don't care much I have played my role.

Anyways no one came to my help but I don't care I know how to tackle such incidents and people because I am brave enough and am a fighter.

Guys think they can get away with such things and they are actually proved right at many instances. But now is the time to prove them wrong.

This for all the girls - never feel weak, you have power within. Durga and Kali should be your role models when it comes  to such incidents. Depending on men or anyone else for this matter is not advisable. Act wise, after all its your life and you have to protect yourself.


  1. Just teach lessons to those wicked guys. Be united to change the mentality of wicked men.. If you will not stand up and be bold for the cause.. suffering will be on.. and ..on

  2. Thanks Santosh .
    You are tight we need to stand united and say no to suffering.